Friday, January 27, 2012

Fiber Arts Group Show & Tell

Shirley and her wool rug.

Closer look at Shirley's rug.

Mary's quilt top.

Judy L.'s quilt top.

Joanne's knit shrug.

Joanne's knit socks.

Dolores' girl dress in progress.

Emily's ruffled scarf in progress.

Emily's yarn necklaces.

Genevieve's pinafore for a doll.

Genevieve's doll dress and little rain hat.

Bobbie's embroidery floss holder.

Bobbie's little embroidery bag.

Cathy's beautiful painted eggs.

Closer look at the eggs.

Gloria's quilt top from a Michelle Watts class, done in gold and black.

Gina's fabric for future use in a Michelle Watts pattern that depicts 3 women called Faith, Hope, Love.

Judy, Bobbie, Mary & Cenia.

The elusive Angela (thought you could escape my camera didn't you Angela, ha!) & Miriam.

Cathy is clutching the quilted envelope I made for her. Several quilters each made an autograph star quilt block and signed their names on the block. Cathy is moving and we wanted her to remember her time spent here in New Mexico. The blocks have a turquoise star on a sand or off white background. Cathy was thrilled!

Friday, January 20, 2012

My Applique Group

Today's Show~and~tell at our applique group~
Bobbie holding her quilt and her grandaughter.

Bobbie made this needle book and gave it to Miriam. Here it is opened.

This is the needle book Bobbie made closed.

Bag Bobbie made.

Little drawstring bag Bobbie made.

Another bag Bobbie made.

Jeanne's patchwork Scottie.

Slightly larger Scottie also made by Jeanne.

Mary's Quilt.

Mary's quilt. She needs to fuse on photos of her dog.

Miriam's daughter made this beautiful beaded scissors case for her.

Phoebe's block.

The  quilted envelope I made to put the blocks in.

We each made an applique lady block that we surprised Bobbie with today. Missing from the photo is Cenia (so Mary is holding both her block and Cenia's block), and Phoebe was gone, so Bobbie is holding Phoebe's block. Bobbie was surprised and delighted by all these blocks. I had organized this because Bobbie is so generous sharing her home, her talents and makes us stuff all the time, so I thought she would like something handmade from each of us. Bobbie had admired these appliqued ladies when she first saw them, so I knew that's what we had to make for her.  I made 6 of these ladies for myself and turned them into sewing machine covers. Which I posted on my blog~  Patchouli Moon Studio with permission from Carol of mamacjt, who designed these applique ladies. Everyone had fun making them and they all came out so great! Can't wait to see the beautiful quilt Bobbie will make with them.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Mexico Fiber Arts Trail

This is a year round event. See link for more information~

Thursday, January 12, 2012

UFO Group Show~and~Tell

Celtic Blocks Cathy A. made.

More Celtic Blocks Cathy A. made.

Close-up of Gina's quilt top.

Gina M. quilt top.

Judy L.'s quilt.

Shirley B. Hanky Butterfly quilt.

This is a close-up of Judy L.'s quilt with the Yorkies, but even though I rotated the photo correctly on my computer, it didn't stay that way. Oh well...
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