Friday, May 25, 2012

Fiber Arts Group Show & Tell

Judy's Twister quilt top.

Debbie's Twister quilt top.

? Twister block. Sorry I forgot who made this one. Judy?

Linda's twister block.

Bonnie's beautiful hand knit sweater.

Joanne's knit scarf.

Barb made this clutch from the pin-weaving she demonstrated at our last meeting.

The pin-weave clutch made by Barb. She drew a name and Cynthia won this clutch.

Gloria's needlepoint bag.

Cynthia's hand knit sweater. So pretty.

Cynthia's hand knit top.

Joanne had a weird dream she told us all about. Then she showed us these knit nunchucks that a friend made her after hearing about her wild dream! How funny!

Linda's quilt/sewing word fabric. She bought several black/white prints with words.

Linda's quilt/sewing word fabric.

Linda's quilt/sewing word fabric. I like this one best.

Cynthia's bag. She made several bags to show. You all know what a bag lover I am!

Cowboy boots on this bag. The top piece of fabric looks like leather, but it's not.

Cynthia's bag with a tassel.

Cynthia's bag.

The same bag as the first bag shown (go up 4 photos), but Cynthia is showing the lining here.

Friday, May 11, 2012

UFO Group Show & Tell

Debbie, who was visiting her grandmother, came to our group today and showed us this "quilt". It is made out of birdseed bags. The other side is polar fleece. She made this to lay down on damp grass when she goes to outdoor concerts or a picnic so she has a place to sit. The polar fleece side is soft to sit on and the plastic side keeps the dampness from coming through.

Closer look at the pretty birdseed bag art. I have seen people take dog food, cat food bags, etc. and make them into tote bags too. The art work is too pretty to throw away, so good for Debbie for finding a great way to upcycle/repurpose the birdseed bags.
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