Friday, August 24, 2012

Mistakes in Quilt Patterns

Quilts in the Barn wrote a long posting about mistakes printed in her quilt pattern. A magazine printed the wrong cutting measurements and the posting she wrote is a good lesson to everyone who makes quilts. Always cut only for one block to test the pattern for accuracy! It's also a good idea to make one block to see how you like the colors/fabric that you chose too before cutting out all the pieces for an entire quilt.

Fiber Arts Show & Tell

Cynthia's bag. (see the whole bag 2 photos down)

Another bag by Cynthia. (I like that fabric)

This is the same bag as the first bag above.

Another bag from Cynthia. (I totally understand the bag making/using addiction!)

Dolores' kitchen towel that looks like a child's dress. Click here for a tutorial on how to make these cute kitchen towels. They make great gifts.

Beautiful notebook cover made by Jeanne and given to Gloria as a gift. Gloria said it was way too beautiful to use!

Gloria finished her New Mexico Kitchen quilt (using only 4 blocks). This is a Pam Wolf design pattern. Beautiful job!

Gloria's kimono. (This will be a class taught in October, with prep work done in September)

Gloria's kimono too.

Judy's Funky Chicken close-up. So cute!

Judy's Funky Chickens.

Julie's batik quilt.

Julie's pillow. (Fossil Fern fabric)

Julie's Double Wedding Ring! (Love those bright colors Julie)

Julie's quilt.

Bobbie's show and tell: her new grandson. Look at him strumming that guitar. Could he be a future rock star?

Linda L.'s quilt block. Wow Linda you are really getting good at piecing! Just look at those star points.

Linda teaching how to do silk ribbon embroidery. It was a fun class.

Linda's stitches. These were the stitches Linda taught us in the class. Silk ribbon felt a bit different than using embroidery floss or perle cotton.

Okay I had to show you this. I was slicing apples that we grew and was slicing to dehydrate some. I sliced the bottom of the apple and look what a perfect star it is! Nature is so cool!

Friday, August 10, 2012

UFO Group Show & Tell

Emma's quilt front...

Emma's quilt back.
Gloria made this quilt using only 4 blocks from Pam Wolf's New Mexico Kitchen pattern.

Linda L.'s sweatshirt in progress.

Shirley's miniature quilt. Look at those tiny triangles and squares!

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