Friday, November 9, 2012

Making Sleep Masks for Charity

A woman I know sent this to me, asking for members of the groups I belong to help make some of these sleep masks. If anyone who is reading this would also like to help out please feel free to make some masks and/or invite your sewing/quilts groups to also help out.

Here is the info Cathy sent to me~

These sleep masks are going to the Missionaries of Charity which was established in Kolkata, India by Mother Teresa in 1958, where the Mother started treating patients with leprosy or Hansen's disease. This colony has grown to a community of 650 lepers and their families who survive with the basic support of the Missionaries of Charity. They work for what they are given; food, clothes, shelter, and medicine. But their needs are far greater. Hansen's disease affects the peripheral nerves to hands and feet, as well as to faces. Many can no longer close their eye lids to protect their eyes from bugs, dust particles, wind and sun. We are hoping to answer this need by sending with my sister Susie, sunglasses and also sleep masks when she goes to Prem Nivas to volunteer mid January, 2013. Thank you for making one, or many. Another wonderful way to use our scraps!! I will need these before Christmas.
Send to: Cathy Arney 58524 W. Pleasant View Ct., Three Rivers, MI 49093
Click on photo above and print out.

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