Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Quilted Postcard

My framed Fabric Postcard.
My postcard and some others that got framed as well.
I sent my friend Susan, who lives in Bend, Oregon, over 2 dozen fabric quilted postcards for the annual charity fundraiser that they have during the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. They sell the postcards for $10.00 each and the money goes to a charity that helps pay the cost of cancer screenings for those who can't afford them. They received about 1,000 postcards. Susan emailed me that they also chose 40 postcards that they considered to be very special and set them aside, including some from well known quilters like Katie Pasquini Masopust, Jane Sassaman, etc. as well as from ordinary quilters, and then they matted and framed those 40 postcards to be hung on the walls of the Bend Art Gallery for a silent auction. My cone flowers postcard was chosen as one of the postcards that they framed. The bidding started at $35.00 for the frames postcards. My postcard ending up selling for $85.00!!! I was so amazed and excited.
A wall of framed postcards, including my cone flowers one:Other postcards went for as much as $200.00! Susan told me that they took in over $11,000 for all the postcard sales for Wendy's Wish Fund. (click on photos to view a larger image)
Read more about this here.

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