Friday, May 25, 2012

Fiber Arts Group Show & Tell

Judy's Twister quilt top.

Debbie's Twister quilt top.

? Twister block. Sorry I forgot who made this one. Judy?

Linda's twister block.

Bonnie's beautiful hand knit sweater.

Joanne's knit scarf.

Barb made this clutch from the pin-weaving she demonstrated at our last meeting.

The pin-weave clutch made by Barb. She drew a name and Cynthia won this clutch.

Gloria's needlepoint bag.

Cynthia's hand knit sweater. So pretty.

Cynthia's hand knit top.

Joanne had a weird dream she told us all about. Then she showed us these knit nunchucks that a friend made her after hearing about her wild dream! How funny!

Linda's quilt/sewing word fabric. She bought several black/white prints with words.

Linda's quilt/sewing word fabric.

Linda's quilt/sewing word fabric. I like this one best.

Cynthia's bag. She made several bags to show. You all know what a bag lover I am!

Cowboy boots on this bag. The top piece of fabric looks like leather, but it's not.

Cynthia's bag with a tassel.

Cynthia's bag.

The same bag as the first bag shown (go up 4 photos), but Cynthia is showing the lining here.

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Tara C said...

i love the show and tell, especially the nunchucks, how fun is that.

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