Friday, June 15, 2012

UFO Group Show & Tell

Gloria's 2-sided quilt. This side is her snowmen quilt.

This is the other side of Gloria's quilt.

Debbie's knit bag. She used target plastic bags to make plarn and then knit into a bag and added nice red handles.

Shirley's Civil War/1800's reproduction fabrics quilt. It's a Puss-in-the-Corner block set on point along with large fabric squares.

Jeanne brought in this old quilt top of a feathered star with a Kansas Dugout pieced center.

Judy made a double-sided wall quilt using this Elvis panel on one side.

This is the other side of Judy's quilt with these buff shirtless dudes. A girl has got to dream you know.

Judy's placemat and napkins. She also made a table runner to match, but my camera took a blurry photo of that one.

Mary tried on Jeanne's hat the correct way.
Jeanne put her hat on backwards to see how it would look with the flowers on the front instead.

Most of the ladies went up to the Tea Room and had afternoon tea. Shirley and Gloria seated here.

Debbie and her grandmother on the sofa.

Jeanne (with her hat on correctly here) and Mary. Jeanne is showing Mary the magazine with photographs of the Queen, when she was a young woman.

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