Friday, September 28, 2012

Fiber Arts Show & Tell

Carole Z.'s quilt top
Carole Z.'s quilt top. Interesting technique that makes the quilt look fractured.

Closer look at the above quilt. Kind of makes your eyes dizzy to look at it.

Carole Z.'s circle quilt top.

Barb G.'s pillow top. Her mom passed away recently and Barb made pillows out of her mom's shower curtain. She added a green fabric behind the cutwork and added some lace trim. What a nice way to remember her mom.

Emma's tee-shirt pillow. Emma painted this tee-shirt (that was her husband's tee-shirt) and recently turned it into a pillow.

Emma's sweatshirt pillow. Emma had painted this on a sweatshirt and then recently made it into a pillow.

Little quilt.

Paper doll quilt.

Backing fabric for the paper doll quilt above. This fabric is doll houses, how cute.

Small sunflower quilt.

Gloria S.'s quilt top. Gloria used scraps of squares to create some blocks and the other blocks are from a panel that was intended for making a cloth book for a child. Gloria turned it into a quilt instead of a book.

Closer look at Gloria's quilt top.

Dolores P. made dog scarves.

Bobbie P. made a quilt for her dad.

Bobbie P. also made a quit for her mom.

Bobbie P. holding her granddaughter.

Gloria teaching us how to make the 3-D Bowtie quilt block.

My bowtie block on the left and Shirley B.'s on the right.

Ann V.'s bowtie block.

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