Monday, February 4, 2013

Photos From Cathy

Cathy A. sent me some photos, so I thought I would post them to share with those of you who know her. She lives in Michigan. (Cathy I played with your photos and added a few photo effects to them)

Her fantastic sewing room.

Another view of her sewing room. I am envious of  all that space.

Cathy (on the right) was working on this wedding quilt for her son and daughter-in-law when she lived here. She made half of the blocks; the ones with the white background. The mother of the bride made the blocks with the black background.  Cathy said she entered it into a local quilt show and the gorgeous quilt won Best-in-Show! Congratulations!

Cathy & her son holding his wedding quilt.


Tara C said...

thanks for posting the photos, i love seeing our quilting buddy Cathy. Her room is to die for, full of fun fabrics and lots of space. the celtic knots deserved to win, its lovely.
thanks for sharing

Cathy said...

Hey thanks Daryl. I miss all my quilting friends. Love seeing what they are up to on your blog, so hope they enjoy seeing some of my projects too. See you all in October!! Cathy

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