Thursday, April 11, 2013

UFO Group Show & Tell

Jeanne's 3-D quilted flower block.
Jeanne's 3-D Flower.
Jeanne's 3-D flower.
Jeanne's 3-D flower block (this one hasn't been quilted yet).
Gina's Camaro quilt. This is the center of the quilt from below.
Gina's Camaro quilt.
One of the Camaro's from above quilt.
Gina's Cross quilt.
Close-up of one of the blocks from Gina's Cross quilt above.
Close-up of the cross.
Close-up of Gina's Cross Quilt from above.
Gina's quilt of horses. (Sorry the whole quilt photo came out blurry).
Gina's Shamrock Genealogy Quilt; close-up of one block.
Gina's Shamrock Genealogy quilt.
Another close-up of Gina's Shamrock Genealogy Quilt.
Another close-up of Gina's horse quilt. (The whole quilt came out too blurry)
Gina's Spring Quilt. Close-up.
Gina's Spring Quilt.
Close-up of Gina's Spring Quilt.
Close-up of Gina's Spring Quilt.
Gina's Wedding Anniversary quilt she made for her parents' 50th. Gold rings in Lamé  fabric.
Back of Gina's Spring Quilt.
Gina had written this and the next 2 photos on the bottom of the quilt she made fro her parent's 50th wedding anniversary.

Pam came to show us her Quilter's Valise that she designed and wrote the pattern that she sells at quilt shops.
I was her pattern tester for this bag.
The pocketed side of the Quilter's Valise.
Another valise in Chile Fabrics.
The back side of the red/white/black valise, which is a Drunkard's Path block.
Linda's Needle book inside.
Linda's needle book showing her ribbon embroidery.
Gina's quilt block.
The back of Pam's quilter's valise showing the Drunkard's Path in the Chile fabric.

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