Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fiber Arts Group Show & Tell

Barb's Punch Quilting.
Barb's punch quilted cat.
Linda L. purchased this punch quilted Kokopelli.

Carole's scrappy quilt top.
Darling child's quilt.
Soft fabric on the back.

Punch quilted lily.
Punch quilted hexagon in batiks.
Her knitting blurred when she moved as I was taking a photo. I took a close-up  too, so scroll down a ways to see.
Embroidered bag.
Ribbons made into a bag.
Santa Christmas ornaments being stitched.
The following seven art quilts were from a quilt show in Santa Fe. I did not attend this show, but Linda brought in photographs from the show and I took photos of the photos, lol! She got some great photos with lots of quilted details too.

This is a close-up of Carole's scrappy quilt.
Barb's punch quilting in progress. (the word Tong is printed on the foam board and will be covered in fabric in case any of you were wondering was that was all about).
Weaving with yarn. A large version of those potholder loops we all made as kids.
A close-up of the knitting that came out blurred in the photo that I took above : scroll up a ways to see it.

Punch quilting in progress. See the last photo to see how this one came out.
A seashell punch quilting in progress.
The dog at computer fabric in the center is cute.

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