Friday, February 10, 2012

International Quilt Festival in Ireland

This June 2012 is the first ever (annual) International Quilt Festival in Ireland. Check out their website for information on tickets to the festival, accommodation packages, entry info if you want to enter your quilts (see all the different categories for entries), and classes that you can take. Be sure and read about each quilt entry, whether you want to enter or even go there, because it sounds like a wonderful magical journey into each quilt exhibit that you enter.

If anyone attends this show, I would love to see your photographs. You can email me your online album link (like Webshots, Flickr, Snapfish, etc.) or email me some photos.

Even if you don't attend the show you can enter quilts, or Christmas ornaments, etc. See each catagory for details. Plus there are cash prizes too for the best in each catagory.


Anonymous said...

HI Daryl,
There are three friends from my local quilt group that are going to Ireland. One of them is entering a quilt. Is anyone from Rio Rancho going?
Maggie Radliff

Daryl said...

I don't know if anyone from Rio Rancho is going this year, Maggie. I'm hoping someone will go and take some photos and let us know how it was. Maybe your friends can email me some photos and let me know? Or send a link of their photos if they post somewhere online?

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