Thursday, February 23, 2012

Show & Tell

This is the show and tell from my fiber arts group~
Lorraine's patchwork dog.

Cathy (one the right) showing her log cabin work in process.

Cathy's "duct tape" trimmmed jacket.

Cathy showing the dress trimmed in duct tape.

Dolores showing a dress she is working on.

Dolores (the one hiding behind the hanger) showing 2 dresses she made. She donates the dresses she makes to charity so some very lucky little girls will have them to wear. 

Glennda's "Trip Around the World" quilt top.

Joanne's adorable finger puppet that she knit.

Joanne modeling her lace knit scarf.

Joanne's knit elephant puppet.

Here's the elephant's mouth and tongue. Looks like it's laughing!

Joanne's knit dog puppet.

Inside the dog's mouth.

Judy L.'s finished quilt.

Judy L.'s Yorkie quilt in process. It needs to be quilted.

Close-up of those sweet little Yorkies.

Judy L.'s 3-D quilt in process.

Here's another Yorkie close-up.

Judy L.'s finished quilt. Nice job Judy! You've sure been busy with all your show and tell today.

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